Our Story

You’re someone who’s unique, inspiring and special in your signature way. Our goal is to unlock your inner happiness and potential with women’s fitness clothing that’s truly inclusive for the very first time. 


At Perfect Tractionz we’re inspired by everyday women and believe that when you embrace fitness as a lifestyle, everything starts to change. No longer is it a trend, it’s now a way of life that connects you with so much more in the world. To play our part in your journey of growth and self-development, we’ve created a unique collection of must haves that you’ll never want to leave home without. 


When you treat yourself to athletic wear that respects who you are and celebrates the journey you’re on, there’s nothing you can’t achieve. It’s all about being positive, inclusive and showing yourself that no matter where you are right now, you can always keep growing and moving forward. And because our workout clothes are designed for real women, they fill you with confidence no matter your size, body shape or where you are in life right now.


Your Journey 

Perfect Tractionz exists so you can be proud of who you are as you begin a journey of personal reinvention that sets you free. Our inclusive approach to fitness apparel brings you closer to your goals, shows you what you can achieve and gives you the confidence you need to keep going. No matter which way your journey takes you, we’ll be right there by your side every step of the way. We simply won’t settle for anything less when it’s time to help real women live their best lives in ways that set them free like never before. 


Our Promise

We’re passionately committed to changing the way everyday women view health and fitness. To make it happen, we promise to continue to design and innovate so we can deliver products that you’re proud to wear as part of a positive new lifestyle. We also promise to do it in a way that’s fair, inclusive and body-positive in every way possible. Only then can we say that we’re doing everything possible to connect you with the positive lifestyle changes you so richly deserve.